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Sagesurplus has experts on-hand that can assist you with sizing and selecting the right equipment.

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First, become a registered buyer of gas compressors. It's free and takes less than 2 minutes. You don't need to register to view our list of gas compressors, but you do need to register to contact sellers of gas compressors.
Size and search.
Size and search for gas compressors that suit your application using the simple Sage Surplus sizing program and search tools. It's an easy and accurate method for finding which of our gas compressors you need.
Communicate with sellers directly about their gas compressors using the Sage Surplus messaging system.
Purchase gas compressors for your application directly from sellers or with the assistance of a Sage Surplus expert. It's your choice.

Buying Option A. Buy on your own. You're an expert.

If you choose to buy gas compressors yourself, you are responsible for negotiating the purchase price with the seller, verifying potential gas compressors' performances, ensuring potential gas compressors will perform in your new application, inspecting the gas compressor package, arranging retrofitting or overhauling if required, and coordinating installation and start-up. If you buy on your own, you purchase gas compressors from sellers..
Buying Option B. Buy with Sage. Get expert help.
If you choose to buy gas compressors with Sage Surplus, Sage will help you find gas compressors that suit your application, perform sizing calculations, ensure the gas compressors we recommend will perform as expected in your new application, inspect the gas compressor package, make suggestions for any retrofitting or overhauling, and arrange installation or start-up. When you purchase with Sage, Sage Surplus sells or leases the gas compressor package to you for a fixed price that includes any or all of the above services.
If you're not sure what to do, Sage Surplus can help. Seasoned gas compressor professionals are available to assist you. Contact Sage Surplus for expert help.


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